I had this dream last night that I was reading a newspaper and the front page headline read ‘CLONE SHEEP DOLLY FOUND TO HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN TATIANA MASLANY’ and I turned to my cat (who was having her morning cup of coffee like that’s a thing) and I said “she really pulled the wool over our eyes”

Dianna Agron: The Summary (inspo. x)

A scared Elsa freezes Sleepy and Grumpy’s car

sourwolflahey requested allison in motel california

Rebirth by alicexz

Anonymous asked: Link pls?

This one.

Anonymous asked: I think its very sad that I've been following you for 3 years and I have no idea what you look like :(

I’ve posted a few and maybe deleted later idk.

Anonymous asked: Would you read a fanfic where St Faberry are a couple?

I already have.


Guilty pleasure.