She first met Rachel down a dark back alley, so that should have been some indication of what she was like. The girl helped her take down a gang of vampires that had been a bit too much trouble for just her. She’d only been patrolling for a week at the time, and they attacked her from all sides. Even though she found it strange the brunette hadn’t been terrified of vampires, she didn’t think there was anything strange about her.

"I’ve lived here a long time," she said, "but I find it better not to ignore the strange events and mysterious disappearances like everyone else."

Never did Quinn suspect there might be something Rachel was hiding, everything was explained away so easily. Quinn never saw her at school because she went to a different one, she never saw her parents because they were away on business most of the time. She was foolish never to catch on to the fact she only saw Rachel when the sun was down. She was foolish to have invited her into her house without a second thought.

When Quinn caught her climbing through her bedroom window she never expected to turn and see the girl she was quickly falling in love with stood watching her with yellow eyes and the face of a vampire.

"Did you… are you here to try kill me?"

“I’m here to be honest.”

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