Anonymous asked: Hey Bobbie, please let Carrie know that the scene in OUaT where REgina is teaching Emma magic reminded me a lot of HFMH, specially the "don't touch" part... it was amazing. And please tell her I miss her writing :) have a great week, the both of you (it's good to see the RP is going well too)

Carrie says thank you and I say Regina gives me HFMWH flashbacks any time she hits Emma with some hot badass stare which is basically just her normal face so that happens a lot…

Anonymous asked: :O You ship Robin and Ted? :O

I mean I’d rather him with the mother, but I couldn’t help liking them together most of the time.

Anonymous asked: i wondered if you would mind reblogging the welcome post from this new steam directory for any of your followers that are gamers and want to play with other fandom people. steamgamingdirectory[.]tumblr[.]com/

Oh this is pretty awesome.

Anonymous asked: Captain, I've been struggling for two years, to not start shipping Swan Queen, even tho I stopped watching OUAT a long time ago. I promised my sister I would never ship Swan Queen. BUT IT'S A HARD FIGHT I CAN'T **sobs*

I can’t help you there hun, that’s a fight I already lost haha.

Anonymous asked: I love you and all your ships except the incest ships... unless does soccer cop count as incest? Anyway. Hi, you're awesome. Bye

You could argue selfcest because clones but they’re completely different people brought up in very different situations so even that seems inaccurate.

Anonymous asked: I want an AU in which Quinn has an unhappy marriage with Puck who is always around of the world. Rachel is the new girl of the town and they becomes friends. With the help of the new "friend", Quinn learns to live again.

This is cute, I second!

Anonymous asked: you are a really lovely, strong, unique little snowflake who is perfect the way you are and just please never forget that, okay?

And you are an adorable awesome sweet anon and I hope your day is awesome :)

Anonymous asked: have you seen the preview for the new mtv show coming in april for the show "faking it" its about two girl bestfriends going with the rumor that theyre lesbians and dating for popularity but it seems like they actually end up falling for eachother. at least it looked that way to me from watching the promo.

I honestly don’t know what to feel about this.

Anonymous asked: “Dianna, you had better do it with me!” We know she did.

Anonymous asked: More new achele pics or a perfectly written College Faberry fic? Which would you chose?

I’m already behind on 5000 faberry fics everyone else as read and I haven’t sooo that answers itself.