Anonymous asked: That's right, brootp and otp is Teaception



Anonymous asked: awe look at my otp

bro, brotp.


No it’s still there she’s just too lazy to log in. It’s here.

Anonymous asked: I feel the need to point out that I have never read 50 Shades of Grey nor seen the trailer, which anyone who ever followed itsfaberrytaboo at any point would know. Millions of women are drooling over books and now a movie that depicts abuse and stalking under a romantic veil of pseudo-BDSM, and now millions of women will think that's what romance and BDSM are truly like. So no, 50 Shades is not my kinks come to life, because I have no desire to abuse and demean women & call it romantic. ~ift

Or in other words: 

Anonymous asked: I bet Carrie loves that 50 shades of grey got filmed, finally a movie about her and her kinks


Anonymous asked: Do you plan on playing any other Bioware game?

I have the first Dragon Age for PS3 and I’ve started it but I’ve been kinda unfocused with games recently so it’s kind of on hold, ME seems to be the only thing that’s held my attention right now.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I see you're playing the ME trilogy. Which one's have you finished so far?

Only the first this afternoon. I just finished downloading the second and installing the DLC I have, so I’m ready to go later!

Anonymous asked: This gigolo thing is throwing me off so badly.. :(

I don’t really talk about this stuff any more because it causes too much drama.

Personally I don’t care that he’s around, he pisses off and shows the true colours of people that told me I wasn’t a “true” fan for over a year because I didn’t support Lea’s relationship with Cory.

And that’s the only opinion I have really, just relax about it anon. :)

Anonymous asked: Glee AU where one of Rachel's dads is literally a five-headed dragon?

But the question is, is Quinn the faceless woman living in her house that is a little obsessed with her?

Anonymous asked: oh you didn't miss them, they show up later and I really really like them, i read all the books in 2 weeks the prequel is really good as well and i'm thinking about starting this author's other series

Mhmm I really enjoyed the explanation we got for a lot of things in the prequel. The difference in the way black magic was treated back then was really interesting to see.

I want to pick up the new book but I’m holding off because I know I’ll enjoy reading these first and the new one will be cheaper when I’m done, haha. But you just made me want to push myself to continue more thanks to the lesbian characters, thanks anon!