Anonymous asked: The last Faberry gifset you reblogged reminded me of this fic: fanfiction(.)net/s/9969289/1/The-Usual

Oooh thank you, I’m gonna check this out.

Anonymous asked: Hey! I recently bought a Ps3 and I wanted to know a few games you can recommend? Thanks!

The Last of Us just straight away as soon as possible, you won’t regret it. The Mass Effect trilogy (I played it on pc so not sure how well it plays on ps3 tbh but still a must), the latest Tomb Raider, the Bioshock games, The Walking Dead & Wolf Among Us (both by telltale, might not be your thing is you want something with a lot of action). Skyrim, Dishonored, The Assassin’s Creed games. Catherine (super weird japanese puzzle kind of game with an interesting story but I know the puzzles really frustrated some people).

I think that should be enough to get you started :)

Anonymous asked: So bad for your health that you tagged it as natalie dromer heh

See! I can’t even think straight properly.

everythingyouweretooafraidtoask asked: I crack up every time I see that dog kicking the tea over advert! The guy is so exasperated and she's not even paying attention and so into what she's saying that she misses the whole hilarious thing!

They’re so funny to watch, I’m glad they were added to the show because the dog is constantly laid like that kicking him and she never notices!

Anonymous asked: Do you ever think about how Quinn got Rachel that yearbook page and how Rachel will never know?

….of course not

Anonymous asked: #adult sugar FUCK. How did I not see that myself? Oh my god she really is. Damn. Thank you for that.

I mean they even look alike, pretty sure they’re the same person in alternate universes.

Anonymous asked: wait you're sad?? Why? You're awesome! Try to focus on that?

Just been a little down on myself that’s all, but thank you anon peoples are always awesome when I am. 

Anonymous asked: I know Faberry is your OTP, but since you like Jesse St. Freaking-Fabulous James, what do you think of St. Berry? (or heck, even St. Fabray or St. Faberry)

I’ve always said that since I’d never get Faberry on the show I’d want Rachel to end up with Jesse, though I knew that was almost as impossible since glee is so hung up on endgame.

I’ve read St. Faberry before, and I’ve always said it would be hilarious if Quinn and Jesse ever got together because it would literally be her dating a male Rachel.

Anonymous asked: Windows PC. Thanks so much :)

Sorry sorry, I’m terrible.

The Mass Effect trilogy for sure, the latest Tomb Raider, the Bioshock games, The Walking Dead game and Wolf Among Us (both by telltale games). Valiant Hearts, Skyrim, Papers Please.

Thank should be a good stating point :)

Anonymous asked: Probably cause I was living under a rock for the past few years, I just recently got into gaming and was wondering if you could recommend a few

Sure, I can do that. What are you playing on?