you can’t change your past, but you can let go.. and start your future.

#how to look at someone you really hate by quinn fabray


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Quinn Fabray + tumblr text posts (part 2)

Quinn Fabray + tumblr text posts



what the hell are kurt and quinn doing here oh my god…

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So, this was my Christmas gift from my lady. I commissioned afterlaughs to draw art from an excerpt from Bet You Didn’t Know That, which is written by Az and is how we met :).

Quinn reminisces the first time she was here, purely by accident. It was the day after her parents kicked her out, after Finn asked his mom if she could stay with them and she was sitting backstage in the school auditorium, hiding from Brittany and Santana, from Karofsky and his Daily Slushee Quest (apparently, being pregnant doesn’t guarantee you immunity), from Ms Pillsbury and her big concerned eyes, and most especially, from her own boyfriend, Finn.

She figured that the last place people would think she would go, as in, if she were to make a list of hiding places, the school auditorium would be just above Rachel Berry’s house. So she went to the school auditorium, because she was not that desperate to hide.

And it was there as she sat with her knees bent, her eyes closed and her head leaning back against the wall when she heard a voice piercing through her rushing thoughts. On her hands and knees, Quinn crawled over to peek through the curtains and she saw Rachel Berry standing by the piano, going through her scales. Quinn doesn’t say a word to alert the budding star of her presence. In fact, she was kind of glad that Rachel didn’t think to check whether there was anybody else in the auditorium because she didn’t even want to try explaining to Rachel Berry, of all people, the reason she’s sitting in a dusty corner backstage of the auditorium. As soon as Rachel began to sing, Quinn was sitting comfortably (as comfortable as a floor can be), rooted to her new hiding place, having decided there were worse ways to spend the afternoon than listening to Rachel Berry sing. Especially since Rachel didn’t actually know she had an audience.

And what she didn’t know, she didn’t need to find out.