shortstack18 asked: Hey! Could you please give me a game rec? I have no idea what to play next (finished all AC's, GTA V, Tomb Raider, South Park :)), Watch Dogs (such a letdown omg)); I'm very uninspired and don't want to start revising for uni yet :D

Hmm well I’m currently addicted and working my way through the Mass Effect series. Which should speak of how much Watch Dogs holds my attention since I have it and still haven’t finished it. Excuse me if I suggest stuff not for a system you have.

But yus, Mass Effect. Obviously tlou is always on my recs. Dishonored, Catherine is weird but always on my recs, any bioshock games. Telltale’s Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us. Heavy Rain. Valiant Hearts!

Persona 4 Golden or Danganronpa if you have a Vita

999/Zero Escape series if you have a 3DS

Um PC indie stuff… The Binding of Isaac, Lone Survivor, Papers Please.

And… nope, I’ve run out of steam.

shortstack18 asked: I've finally received a new gamimg laptop and got to play Tomb Raider! OMGGGG it's so good


I get far too happy when people get to experience Tomb Raider and the gayness of that ending.

Anonymous asked: oh man, that sucks, I was hoping that the news weren't official. I'm going to drink my anger away with some alcohol. Cheers

Pour me one because I never expected to get so angry about games.

Anonymous asked: May I ask, Has someone from Crystal Dinamics said that Tomb Raider is going to be exclusive for xboxone? or like, are those news really official?

Yeah they’ve said it’s going to be exclusive, while acting like that’s not a big deal because hey don’t worry you can totally pay £40 for a copy of the game you already played last year on the ps4, that’s the same thing right?

Anonymous asked: Hey. I'm the anon that said you should watch Serial Experiments Lain. I saw you have a myanimelist account now so here's mine: Kagomei. You can add me there if you want to :)

"Another anime recommendation: Zankyou no Terror. It’s amazing!"

Not sure if these were both you but oh well! I’ll add you, I actually need to add everyone I even asked for the name of still…

Anonymous asked: So I just finished the Mass Effect series, and even with the perfect ending I still can't figure out what to do with myself! Liara, my beautiful blue baby!

I’ve just started 3 last night, but I’m surprised to see someone say perfect ending since I know a lot of people raged about it. I don’t actually know the ending so I’m interested to see why everyone was raging, no spoilers please!!

itsfaberrytaboo asked: You're the weird one with your Cornettos and shit.

itsfaberrytaboo asked: We have the best conversations.

You mean we’re fucking weird is what you mean.

Anonymous asked: You should watch Serial Experiments Lain. It's disturbing, but amazing at the same time.

So I just looked this up

it seems weird and a little fucked

plus I like anything with virtual reality involved

so I’m gonna watch it.

Thanks anon!

Anonymous asked: “We'll get over Faberry,” said no Faberry shipper ever.


said every Faberry shipper ever.