Anonymous asked: I know Faberry is your OTP, but since you like Jesse St. Freaking-Fabulous James, what do you think of St. Berry? (or heck, even St. Fabray or St. Faberry)

I’ve always said that since I’d never get Faberry on the show I’d want Rachel to end up with Jesse, though I knew that was almost as impossible since glee is so hung up on endgame.

I’ve read St. Faberry before, and I’ve always said it would be hilarious if Quinn and Jesse ever got together because it would literally be her dating a male Rachel.

khaleesiaurora asked: thank you for posting about carmilla i just watched the entire series instead of doing my homework

I don’t know if I should say you’re welcome or I’m so sorry because you didn’t do your homework.

You’re sorrome?

ed1505 asked: Totally have the same problem with Emma and Elsa. Looks like it could be great. But knowing the show they'll ruin everything.

The show is gonna drag me in with the elsanna even though I know I’m probably gonna hate what they do with them both, the actresses are just so adorable. -_-

Oh well, at least there’s photoset material for people to work with?

Anonymous asked: Windows PC. Thanks so much :)

Sorry sorry, I’m terrible.

The Mass Effect trilogy for sure, the latest Tomb Raider, the Bioshock games, The Walking Dead game and Wolf Among Us (both by telltale games). Valiant Hearts, Skyrim, Papers Please.

Thank should be a good stating point :)

Anonymous asked: Probably cause I was living under a rock for the past few years, I just recently got into gaming and was wondering if you could recommend a few

Sure, I can do that. What are you playing on?

Anonymous asked: Link pls?

This one.

Anonymous asked: I think its very sad that I've been following you for 3 years and I have no idea what you look like :(

I’ve posted a few and maybe deleted later idk.

Anonymous asked: Would you read a fanfic where St Faberry are a couple?

I already have.


Guilty pleasure.

Anonymous asked: "I’m gay but I’d still probably marry Jon Groff" are you lea michele?

Anonymous asked: Are u gay or bi?

I’m gay but I’d still probably marry Jon Groff