Anonymous asked: One of Barbra's first films is called "The Owl and the Pussycat". Why this title reminds me of Faberry? Now I just want a fanfic with this title. Rachel teaching Quinn everything about B's filmography.

I need that fic. Yes please.

Anonymous asked: Did you finish both the good and evil storylines for delsin?

Not yet, I just finished the good play through. I get the feeling I’ll have a hard time trying to do the evil storyline, especially the first choice haha. Not sure if I’ll go straight through it or go back to it in a little while.

Anonymous asked: Since you ship Puck and Jesse I thought you might understand how upset I am that they were both at coachelle and took a pic with Lea but not with each other (the actors, i doubt we'll ever see the charachters together)

…I never even thought of that.

Damn it!

Anonymous asked: Captain do you have a link for watching Faking it? I cant seem to find one.

Here you go anon :)

backtobec asked: ok wow, that magazine interview thingy you did for the rp was the coolest thing ever

:3333 thank you. I think they’re really fun to do, I’ve done them for at least one of our other rps before.

Actually the first one I did was really awkward cause it was for an achele one and a bunch of people thought it was real at first oops.

Anonymous asked: Hey Bobbie, please let Carrie know that the scene in OUaT where REgina is teaching Emma magic reminded me a lot of HFMH, specially the "don't touch" part... it was amazing. And please tell her I miss her writing :) have a great week, the both of you (it's good to see the RP is going well too)

Carrie says thank you and I say Regina gives me HFMWH flashbacks any time she hits Emma with some hot badass stare which is basically just her normal face so that happens a lot…

yorkgron asked: You live in Leeds? I live in Bradford, hi hi I've never met another Faberry shipper from West Yorkshire

Woooo, Faberry shippers that actually live near me what is going on?


Anonymous asked: :O You ship Robin and Ted? :O

I mean I’d rather him with the mother, but I couldn’t help liking them together most of the time.

backtobec asked: I started reading that fic yesterday, and I stayed up till 4 am beucase I couldn't stop readying it. IT'S SO GOOD. and when I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, someone tried to kill Elsa and I just HAD to read the next chapter to see what happens. this fic is amazing

Mwahahaha, excellent. It really is a great fic, I’m really sad it doesn’t get more attention in fandom.

Anonymous asked: i wondered if you would mind reblogging the welcome post from this new steam directory for any of your followers that are gamers and want to play with other fandom people. steamgamingdirectory[.]tumblr[.]com/

Oh this is pretty awesome.