vertigos asked: twd fandom is like satan with creative ideas i can't even

Satan could learn a thing or two from them, I swear.

Anonymous asked: This gigolo thing is throwing me off so badly.. :(

I don’t really talk about this stuff any more because it causes too much drama.

Personally I don’t care that he’s around, he pisses off and shows the true colours of people that told me I wasn’t a “true” fan for over a year because I didn’t support Lea’s relationship with Cory.

And that’s the only opinion I have really, just relax about it anon. :)

captainclarkes asked: i think dianna agron would do a terrific job as luci in live-action adaptation of wicdiv

I’m going to end up rolling around on the floor if I think about this more than I already have.

Anonymous asked: Glee AU where one of Rachel's dads is literally a five-headed dragon?

But the question is, is Quinn the faceless woman living in her house that is a little obsessed with her?

fabamf asked: Happy belated birthday! I had intended to message before, but I drowned in photoshop and just remembered. I hope you had a fantastic day and enjoyed your many cakes!!!

Thanks Nadine! I’m glad you didn’t seem to end up in a deep watery photoshop grave since you made it out to wish me a happy birthday.

randomquest asked: Apologies for the delay in wishing you a happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day and got all kinds of cool swag.

Thank you Paul, I will consider you trying to stick with Night Vale a fitting brithday present from you. Wink wink nudge nudge.

konako asked: Oh no, did I miss it? Happy Birthday, you wonderful person you <3 Have a fabulous week!

It’s still my birthday in america, let’s ignore what it is here… even if I am about to go to sleep >_>

*cuddles* thank you

velmajinkiesdinkley asked: Wait? Birthday? Nearly 10pm here and I just saw!!! Apologies!!! 🎉🍵🍰 I think that's supposed to be tea in the middle

I can’t see them on here! D:

either way

Anonymous asked: oh you didn't miss them, they show up later and I really really like them, i read all the books in 2 weeks the prequel is really good as well and i'm thinking about starting this author's other series

Mhmm I really enjoyed the explanation we got for a lot of things in the prequel. The difference in the way black magic was treated back then was really interesting to see.

I want to pick up the new book but I’m holding off because I know I’ll enjoy reading these first and the new one will be cheaper when I’m done, haha. But you just made me want to push myself to continue more thanks to the lesbian characters, thanks anon!

Anonymous asked: I read them bc of you cap! they're awesome, did you ever read the sequel? it has lesbians :)

I read The Ambassador’s Mission, but I’ve yet to read the other two. I was actually thinking of starting the second tonight because I just ordered the third. Did I totally forget the lesbians in the first of the sequel trilogy or are they not in it until the second/third?

Also yay, I’m glad you liked them!