belleblake replied to your post: Based on the spoilers Barely Breathing is just Finn and Blaine realizing that they don’t fit in Rachel’s/Kurt’s world so I wouldn’t give the lyrics too much meaning.

apparently their are 4 finchel kisses and Rachel tells dudson that she wants him to be her last love. puking at this ep already.

"I can’t do this any more, I’m breaking up with you…. but don’t worry I’ll come back to you because the writers won’t let me stay away even though we’ve out grown each other."

belleblake replied to your post: ryan’s initial plan was

Where is this person getting their info because Kurt wasn’t even IN the original pilot script…

 ignaciatellsthetruth replied to your postryan’s initial plan was

lol wut?

 fabromance replied to your postryan’s initial plan was

when did ryan murphy ever say that

quinnrachel asked: Dean is a nice guy. That's why I like him so much. Lol, lost followers be damned! :)

I’ve been following him on twitter and he seems really sweet, and just from that day shooting in NY he seemed really funny too.