captaincatwoman asked: Lorna Morello~

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: kiiinda Nicky

brotp: Rosa, Nicky, Suzanne

general opinions: Siiiigh she’s just like my little baby now for what she did for Rosa I will always love her for that. I mean I did already, but still. She’s just so adorable I don’t care if she’s a stalker.


Sometimes, I send snapchats of Serial Killer Quinn to Bobbie. Except I don’t have blonde hair. So it’s Serial Killer Quinn in Rachel Berry’s body.

I’d tell you to stop but you really shouldn’t.


So when I’m sick, I get a kinda nasally. And I’m hella sick, right now. (Though, my nose is pretty clear, at the moment. But there’s still some stuffiness.) Technically this is cheating, since I’m a soprano. But I wanted to record a thing for the Captain.

***I sang it like Dianna Agron sang it. I’m very clearly aware the words are not correct. But I wanted to stay true to her version, considering I have no music box to sing with.***

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I thought we made that one clear a while ago? Hell yeah, I approve! I ship the hell out of it! Rumple is a jackass.

I know, I just like calling you my Disney expert :P

imagecaptaincatwoman liked your post: I think Rumpel sees Belle as that cup. Fragile,…

Does this mean my resident Disney expert and B&tB lover approves Red Beauty?

captaincatwoman asked: Dude, even I won't go on Small World. Not even just once. If I can avoid it, I do. My sister sometimes makes me go on it, but she knows I'll put up a fight and try to talk her out of it. Just.. No.

Either Josh really loves her or he’s gone insane from listening to that song already.

Tumblr Crushes:

I haven’t posted my crushes in forever but these are pretty perf so I felt the need.

captaincatwoman liked your post: what do you think when people say that beauty and the beast was a case of Stockholm syndrome.

Any time you like or reblog something disney from me I feel like I’ve succeeded :P

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TOO. And I feel like Rachel’s favorite princess would be Belle. XDD

Oh yeah that one happens alllll the time, my RP Quinn even calls Rachel Belle.

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Haha, I love how you’ve been waiting. You knew it’d happen sooner or later, I go through everything. :P