Faberry!AU | Historical Faberry. Quinn as a knight, Rachel as her queen.

Faberry!AU | Avatar Faberry. Quinn as Zuko, Rachel as Katara.

Faberry!AU | Student/Teacher Faberry. Quinn as a rebellious Yale student, Rachel as her Professor.

Faberry!AU | Doctor Who Faberry. Quinn as The Doctor, Rachel as her companion.

Faberry!AU | Hogwarts Faberry. Ravenclaw Rachel and Slytherin Quinn.

Faberry!AU | Wicked Faberry. Rachel as Elphaba, Quinn as Glinda.

Faberry!AU | Once Upon a Time Faberry. Rachel as Belle, Quinn as Ruby.

Faberry!AU | Role Reversal Faberry. Nerd Quinn and Cheerleader Rachel.

Faberry!AU | Arkham Asylum Faberry. Quinn as Harley Quinn, Rachel as Poison Ivy.

Faberry!AU | 50s Faberry.