Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the beast.

So.. this just happened. I was wondering what Quinn would look like with a mohawk, since I keep seeing genderswap!Quinn drawn with a similar hairstyle. Also a gold star for her gold star.

Killer Quinn (Original Manip)

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Alternate here.

Killer Quinn (Original Manip)

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Alternate here.

R is for Rachel, mine til the end.

Four - Rachel Berry.

"I picked a name from that nonsense sitcom you like, along with a type of fruit. It’s an unconventional and unique pseudonym if I do say so myself."

Based on Four by Ryann

Here’s a five minute slyther-quinn manip for you all. Goodnight.

BoxerBerry by teadalek

Asked for by Erika, who didn’t actually ask me but the request found me anyway.