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Drogo, Daenerys, and Rhaego are reincarnated in our time and able to have their happily ever after.






oh my gOD what if during the prom episode, if/when Quinn wins prom queen if/when she gives it to Rachel, she leans down (or up depending on her walking situation at that time), and whispers, “think of this as my own version of a gardenia.” And then Rachel will just look at her and Quinn just be like


and then walk/roll away






Can you imagine Rachel visiting Quinn at her dorm at Yale, them sitting on the couch and Quinn wearing a Yale shirt with messy hair and listening to Rachel talk about a part in an off Broadway show that she got…

and we know how Rachel gets into her stories right? and how Quinn loves hearing Rachel talk, so they both don’t notice the time. Before they know it, it’s late in the evening. When Rachel tells Quinn that’s she needs to go back home, Quinn tells her no. There’s absolutely no way that she’d let Rachel drive that late. So Quinn asks her to stay the night.

Rachel says she doesn’t want to impose, but Quinn tells her that she’s not imposing, that she likes having her there because she still doesn’t have many friends. So she accepts to stay but refuses to sleep on Quinn’s bed while Quinn sleeps on the couch. Quinn, who’s way more relaxed and unafraid to show her true feelings now that she’s out of Lima, just chuckles and tells Rachel that of course she’s not sleeping on the couch because like hell she’s getting neck cramps, but neither is Rachel. So she just grabs Rachel’s arm and pulls her into her bedroom and throws an old t-shirt and shorts at her and tells her to change.

And it’s still a bit weird for Rachel especially because she’s not used to sleepovers like she imagines Quinn is. She’s never really had girl friends do this with her before. So she tries to scoot as far away from Quinn as possible, and Quinn notices but doesn’t say anything, she just smiles softly to herself. They both sleep like damn babies and when Rachel wakes up she realizes Quinn is curled up against her and she starts to freak out a little bit. But then Quinn wakes up and the look of pure surprise and joy in her eyes relaxes Rachel a little bit, and when Quinn mumbles “g’morning” and nestles further into the embrace Rachel loses herself in the moment for a few minutes and just revels in the feel of Quinn in her arms.


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